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Xtreme Paranormal Lockdown

Thursday, April 26th

Join Johlene "Spooky" Riley Founder and Lead Investigator of Gettysburg Paranormal Association for a Ghost Hunt from 9p-12midnight at the Tattered Flag Brewery & Still and the Elks Theatre next door.The building was built in 1911. Located in in Middletown.

From 9-12pm Spooky will lead an Xtreme Ghost Hunt in both the Tattered Flag and the country's 2nd oldest movie theater, Elks Theatre. Cost for the investigation is $55.00 per person and includes a DVD of the investigation.

Come early and enjoy dinner and drink specials at the Tattered Flag.


Participants' Names:

Rev. Tim Shaw

Gettysburg Old School Weekend

Classes with Rev. Tim Shaw Friday May 18th & Saturday May 19th

at the Jenny Wade Birth House, 242 Baltimore Street

Classes: Both classes are from 7:30-8:30pm $15.00 plus tax

Investigations: 9-12midnight $55 plus tax.

Participants' Names:

Day 1, Friday May 18th, 2018

Dowsing and Pendulum Techniques for the Paranormal Investigator

Modern Paranormal Investigators have an arsenal of electronic meters and devices at their disposal. Many of these items can prove quite costly as well as disappointingly ineffective. Learn about about making and using cost efficient metal dowsing rods, energy bobbers and several types of pendulums. Those low tech tools can be used in finding lost objects, detecting energy signatures as well as spirit communications! Along with class work there will be an investigation conducted at one of Gettysburg's Haunted Locations using techniques learned.

We will be providing each person attending with a small pendulum and an alphabet wheel chart to take home.

Day 2, Saturday, May 19th, 2018

Writing Planchettes and Talking Boards Techniques for the Paranormal Investigator

Talking Boards have been vilified in recent years as a tool that can produce evil results. (We will also be talking about the REAL story of the Exorcist and the ZOZO Phenomena). Learn about the surprising history of Talking Boards, and Automatic Writing Planchettes. Understand how to use both devices SAFELY! This class will cover the proper preparation, opening and closing of a board session and will provide actual hands on experience in a safe environment.

Along with the classes there will be an investigation SÔöÔöÔĽŁÔöÇ┼»ÔöÇÖance conducted at one of Gettysburg's Haunted Locations.

We will be providing Spirit Boards and Writing Planchettes to be used in class and at the location.

Rev. Tim Shaw is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritualist Healer, Ordained Minister, Urban Shaman, Backwoods Primitive Trekker, Flintknapper, Urban Explorer, Traditional Leatherworker, Historical Re-Enactor, Radio Show Host, Author, and Speaker.

Rev. Shaw has coauthored "Haunted Rochester". He has written "The Ghosts of Buffalo; Spirits, Murder And Mayhem In The Nickel City" and "Please Talk With Me, The True Story Of The C2D1 Haunting". Tim Shaw's writings have appeared in such magazines as "TAPS Para Magazine", "Haunted Times", The Fort Niagara Journal", "Light Bridges", "The Courier", "Civil War Gazette", "Wilderness Way", "The Camp Chase Gazette", "Military Images","On The Trail" as well as many others.

He has been featured on The SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters (The Well of Horror),The Discovery Channel's show "Ghost Lab" (The Betrayal/Fort Niagara), "CBS Radio"(The Wake Up Call, By The Soul, For The Soul, and The Psychics Next Door), "Paranormal NY", Half Yard Productions "Ghost "Ccedil" (Fort Mifflin/William Howe), and Core Productions Documentary "John Zaffis, The World Within".


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