Choose a ghost hunt to encounter the other world

Why confine your Paranormal Investigation to the same locations as the ghost walking tours? Gettysburg Paranormal Association provides you with an opportunity to choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor locations well known for their frequent paranormal activity.

Exclusive locations like Civil War Field Hospitals, Death Houses, and Murder Houses. Locations are never more than a short drive or walk away. Well worth it to experience an investigation you will never forget! Thousands have been guided through their first paranormal investigation by the experienced staff at GPA. Our ratio of investigator to guest is low and affords every participant the opportunity to learn and use the same type of equipment featured on popular shows like Ghost Hunters and Haunted Collectors.


Xtreme Ghost Hunt

Take part in our most popular activity, Xtreme Ghost hunt to investigate the most exclusive locations. We provide all equipment! So, join us to explore haunted indoor locations like abandoned battle field homes, farms, & more! NOT for the faint of heart!!

Intense Ghost Hunt

Get ready to ghost hunt like the pros using all the major tech equipment in the most haunted, high activity locations with the Gettysburg Paranormal Association. Expect to get goosebumps!


Paranormal Lockdown

Test your spirit of adventure on this 4 hour long ghost hunting session in Paranormal Lockdown! Investigate haunted private indoor and outdoor locations with the Gettysburg Paranormal Association. Do you DARE..??

Special Event Ghost Hunt | Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Special Event Ghost Hunt

Join us for the Special Event Ghost hunt & use cutting-edge equipment to look for activity in the most haunted locations.


New Year’s Eve All Night Ghost Hunt

The Most Extreme Ghost Hunt Available To The Public! Join us in this intense ghost hunting session on New Year’s Eve & try out cutting-edge equipment that the pros use!